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How to Plan an Open Video Forum

A list of things to do to start

Create an open email list  for interested participants to join & a contact email 

it's possible to get a list on lists.transmission.cc if we want to make a little link there. 

Pick out the elements of the Moloko Road Map that we want to focus on

Then we can create a more detailed call out lettting people know what to expect. 

Add call out and materials to either a  the BookType installation (or a non-linear wiki space if Book Type doesn't seem like the right tool)

Create a list of  people/orgs in collaborative online spreadsheet

a 'Participant Spreadsheet' - based on Vincents core of people and inputting all of our contacts. 

Create a  call out in english and german

What is OVF? Who´s behind it? Where is it? When is it? What is expected? What do i have to do?

Email the call out

Set a deadline to email the new call out and follow up 3 days later. 

On going preparation work

Keep updating the - Participant Spreadsheet - as emails come in

Respond to each email with specifics of the event
Encourage activity / discussions / knowledge exchange / in the mainling list 

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