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Open Video Workbook

Terms and Techniques: Video Editing

By the end of this module you will

  • have a good understanding of how a video editor works
  • be able to apply this knowledge to a wide range of other projects.

Tools you will need for this module:

  • Internet Connection
  • a computer able to run Kdenlive or similar video editing application
  • video footage to edit with

Video Editing: A process of taking video footage shot on video cameras and rearranging it to make it easier to watch.

Kdenlive: Kdenlive is a Free Software video editing application that works with a large number of different video formats

Top and Tail: To cut off the beginning and end of video clips

Video Clip: A video clip is a short section of video footage.

Timeline: A timeline is a series of video clips arranged in a narrative order one after the other.

Rendering: Rendering is the process where a video editing application takes your edited timeline and creates a new video file that can be viewed with other programs

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