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Open Video Workbook

About the Authors


Jaya Klara Brekk (MayDay Rooms), Giles Boudet (MDesigner), Rob Canning, Pete Gomes (Mutant Film), Adnan Hadzi (Deptford TV), Anna Morris (Free Software Foundation Europe), James Stevens (dekspace), Jan Tretschok (xm:lab), Sacha van Geffen (FLOSS Manuals, Greenhost ISP), Philo van Kemenade (London Video Hackspace),, Soenke Zehle (xm:lab)

Larisa Blazic, media artist and senior lectuer at the University of Westminster, lives and works in London. Her research interest lie in developing understanding and knowledge of practice-led methodologies in the context of art practice, aesthetics and politics of everyday urban experience and moving image in public spaces real, virtual and imaginary.

Kate Mara is a film and video practitioner with a focus on human rights issues and participatory media production, who has also dabbled in open source projects. Her latest film, Into the Fire: The Hidden Victims of Austerity in Greece was crowd-distributed online and received over 60,000 views in the first week of its release.

SDNA is a creative studio based in London producing distinctive digital artwork. Our objective is to explore techniques of interaction within public spaces, using emerging technologies and unusual presentation media. Our interdisciplinary approach, integrating site-responsive installation and live performance, aims to widen the scope of digital art. Established in 2004 by directors Ben Foot and Valentina Floris, SDNA continues to develop and present digital artwork and theatrical productions for festivals, fashion labels, museums, city councils, musicians and many more.   In the past eight years we have received many commissions for video design and multiple projection installations.

Mick Fuzz is a media production trainer, community media activist and part time gardener based in Manchester. He blogs about his work at http://clearerchannel.org

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