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Open Video Workbook

Resources: Video Production

Here are other open guides that we would would like to let you know about that may be useful to your video making that outline tools, issues of publishing and tactics.

Free Software video editing

Cinelerra: http://cinelerra.org/

Pitivi: http://www.pitivi.org/

Licencing your video

Make Internet TV: http://makeinternettv.org/license/cc.php

Free Software Foundation: http://www.gnu.org/licenses/license-list.html#OtherLicenses

V4C video guides

There are guides online from the V4C (Video For Change) network. The recent guides are on Secure My Video 1, Hybrid Video Distributionn and  Video Making on Android Devices 

Witness video-making guides

Witness have produced a series of guides and videos covering many areas of using video for change and evidence recording. These include the Video For Change book2, the chapters of which are available as a free downloads on the Witness website, and the Video Advocacy Toolkit which is an online learning resources with 32 videos and lots of supporting documents.

All of these resources are available on the How To page of Witness - http://www.witness.org/how-to

Tactical Tech - tactics for information Activism

Tactical Tech have several guides on Informaion Activism and using technology for advocacy, of which the use of video is an important aspect. The guides are visually striking and can be used as a great source of information and inspiration.


  • The Hands On guide in this module is based on Guide to Open Source Video Editing using Kdenlive by Anna Morris and Mick Chesterman


  1. https://www.v4c.org/content/secure-my-video-version-20 ^
  2. https://www.v4c.org/content/hybrid-distribution-guide ^

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