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Open Video Workbook

More Resources on Popcorn

Popcorn Maker

Popcorn Maker sample projects: Here are some projects made with Popcorn Maker. On the front page of their website.
https://popcorn.webmaker.org/ 1

Popcorn Maker Tutorials: Take an interactive tutorial using Popcorn Maker. 2


Mozilla Popcorn.js Tutorials: Here is some general Popcorn.js Documentation 3

Other Tutorials: We found a P2PU Interactive Guide to Popcorn.js 4

Detailed Documentation Popcorn.js: A more detailed look at Popcorn plugins 5 for different media types with examples.

Mailing list: There is a very helpful and responsive mailing list for Popcorn6

More on Javascript

Popcorn is based on javascript. There are a lot of great resources online which will tell you how to understand and code with javascript. If this area is new to you a good place to start is the free interactive JavaScript courses at CodeCademy 7:


  • Nicholas Doiron's writing on HTML5 video at https://p2pu.org/en/groups/interactive-open-video-with-popcornjs/content/tell-us-what-you-know-about-video/
  • Mark Pilgrim's Dive into HTML5 at http://diveintohtml5.info/video.html


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  4. https://p2pu.org/en/groups/interactive-open-video-with-popcornjs/ ^
  5. http://popcornjs.org/popcorn-docs/plugins/ ^
  6. https://mail.mozilla.org/listinfo/community-popcorn ^
  7. http://www.codecademy.com/tracks/javascript ^

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